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Alliance Française Lagos promotes an alternative model for culture, offering a new platform for free to artists willing to develop their projects in partnership with us. The facility is equipped with a 120 seats soundproofed multipurpose auditorium (equipped with a PA system, a cinema screen, and a professional projection system), a 250 seats outdoor amphitheatre, an exceptional gallery space, a dance studio and accommodations for in-residence artists.

Alliance Française Lagos can thus provide a space, a logistic & technical assistance (light & sound solutions) to the selected candidates. Our on-site partner Eric Kayser will also be able to provide catering service on request. As a non-for-profit institution, Alliance Française Lagos however does not support projects financially, nor does rent its space or support initiatives promoting private brands.


1. Send a presentation email to culture.lagos@afnigeria.org making sure to include the following information: artist or organization bio, short project presentation (goals, outline, targeted audience, etc.), a technical rider or your technical requirements, a tentative date (could be a month, a period of the year…) and any support that could help understand your work/project better (visual support like a video link, pictures, press articles, social media handles, etc).

2. Wait for our team to review your project and get back to you by email. It can take between one or two weeks. In case your project is of interest for us, our collaborators will arrange an appointment with you to discuss further the modalities of the potential collaboration. Please note that being given the opportunity of a meeting does not mean that your project has been selected yet.

3. Meet up with our collaborators to discuss the collaboration more in details, answer their potential questions and voice yours.

4. Receive our final decision, which will be taken after the meeting and will be communicated to you by our team.

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