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Alliance Française de Lagos has been holding a unique expertise in the field of French teaching for over 60 years, for both private and corporate needs, enhancing excellence and professionalism as our core values. 

We offer tailor-made services to fit the specific needs of your company, providing our clients with customized programmes and highly qualified teachers.

Contact our Course Director  to carry out a personalized analysis of your company’s needs and receive a fully customized offer.


To provide you the best, it is important for us to understand your objectives.  

Alliance Française Lagos can organise in your premises: 

General French courses (daily use of French). 

French for Business is a course focused on French at work (basic conversations, tasks at work, company analysis …)

French on specific objectives/specialized tailor-made French 

(ex: join a design school, manage a museum …, for learners who need to focus on a specific area) For this course, Alliance Française de Lagos designs a specific program adapted to an extremely specific  request. One of our specialists will have to:  

– Identify your request and analyse your needs 

– Get information on-site in direct link with your staff

Which information should I send by email?

In order to better understand your request and diagnose your needs, kindly, let us know:

  • The number of employees you would like to train and their levels
  • The level you want your employees to reach
  • The skills you want your employees to develop: speaking, writing, comprehension, ...
  • The type of course you need: frequency, days & time (during or after working hours?)
  • Online* or on-site at your premises (address)?
  • Expected starting date

* : hybrid options can be considered. Our best recommendation would go to onsite courses (avoiding Internet issues) with a dedicated time of the participants for the course.

What is the duration of the course?

Reaching a certain level of command of a language requires commitment to a certain number of hours of studies.

In General French, beginner courses are 120 hour-long to complete the first and second international levels (A1 120 hrs & A2 120 hrs). Reaching a B1 level requires a total of 420 hours of studies.

In French for Business, you complete A1 and A2 levels in 120 hrs because it is focused on business needs only. Reaching a B1 level requires a total of 270 hours of studies.

How many hours do you recommend per week?

In order to stick to our quality standards, to maintain high results and attendance, to keep participants' motivation, AF Lagos recommends a minimum of 6 hours per week (4 classes of 1.5hr or 3 classes of 2hrs). Frequency of practice is the key.

What times are available?

Your company can request one of our experienced teachers from Monday to Saturday.
Our teachers are generally committed with group courses at AF Lagos Ikoyi between 8:30am and 2:30pm, being able to give a class at your company between 3pm and 5:30pm.
Kindly, note that depending on our courses schedule, some teachers might also be available from 8:30am to 12pm or from 12pm to 6pm.

Where can take place the classes?
  • on your company premises or at AF Lagos Ikoyi only. Transportation fees apply for classes on your company premises (VI-Ikoyi-Yaba areas)
  • as an online option (with a learning platform and/or Zoom meetings). Fees apply. We do not recommend this option for beginners.
  • as hybrid. Online and on-site classes have the same cost.
How much it will cost?

Fees will vary according to the request and the number of participants (from 3 to 5; from 6 to 10; from 10 to 15 students). In order to offer the best learning environment, our groups are limited to 15 participants. We do not quote courses on a monthly basis but based on full level achievement (A1, A2, B1 & B2).

How the follow-up is organized?

Company courses fees include a monthly dedicated follow-up of attendance and progress to the company training department.

Commitment and attendance

As any course, attendance and commitment depends on the participant's personal interest and availability.
For this reason, in terms of financial investment for your company and students' commitment, we cannot but recommend companies to carefully choose employees who are available and who will be reaching a very high attendance.

We have noticed that companies setting a specific time and calendar for participants who can fully dedicate their time (during working hours) to the learning process (no emails, presentations, meetings, professional trips ...) reach higher results and performance.

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