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Alliance Française of Lagos is a Nigerian non-for-profit institution dedicated to the promotion of French language and francophone cultures, and to the promotion of cultural diversity. Based in Ikoyi and Ikeja, the Alliance Française of Lagos offers French classes for all kind of audiences, as well as professional translation services for private and corporate needs. It also offers a variety of cultural events such as exhibitions, screenings and concerts all year long.



The Alliance Française of Lagos is part of a network of 10 Alliances Françaises in Nigeria (840 globally). First located inside the «House of France » in VI and Ikoyi, Alliance Française de Lagos had to move to Yaba in 2011, where it set up its headquarters for a few years, before the generous and visionary project of Dr. Mike Adenuga came to life, offering Alliance Française Lagos an incredible opportunity to relocate in the vibrant heart of the city in Ikoyi, inside the impressive Mike Adenuga Centre. The centre has been inaugurated by French President Emmanuel Macron during his official visit to Nigeria in 2018.

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